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Spotlight: Bison Robotics

Strategy, teamwork pay off at robotics world championship

June 10, 2022

Strategy and teamwork paid off for high school robotics team 695, which competed for the first time at the First Robotics World Championship in Houston.

More than 3,200 teams across the United States competed in the 2022 season. Team 695 was among 454 teams that advanced to the world championship in April after winning a blue banner at the regional championships in Pittsburgh. This year’s competition centered on a transportation-themed game called Rapid React. In a frenetic three-on-three matchup, robots scored points by loading cargo onto hubs and climbing a series of rungs. 

“Everything we did to play the game was a strategy decision,” said junior Benjamin Lawrence during a May 23 presentation to the board of education.

While preparing for the First Robotics competitions, the six members of Team 695 developed a strategy for maximizing points scored during the game. Team members designed a robot that could shoot the low goals with 100 percent accuracy and climb to the middle rung. That strategy paid off as Bison robotics advanced to the world championship for the first time in its 21-year history. 

Team 695 hopes to recruit additional team members for the upcoming school year, said coach John Keyerleber. In his presentation to the board of education, Keyerleber remarked on the camaraderie and character building involved with competitive robotics. 

“People think it’s the students building the robots,” said coach John Keyerleber. “In reality, it’s the robots building the students.” 

Click here to view the robotics team's presentation to the board of education.

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