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Spectator Attendance Information
Hello Bison Community,

As Bison Athletics kicks off the 2020-2021 fall season this week, we want to provide you with information regarding major changes for spectator attendance and ticketing at home and away contests. These changes are drastic and are required by the state.

The Ohio Department of Health recently released a Health Order, as a result of COVID-19,  which places limitations on the number of spectators we are permitted at our sports venues in order to maintain social distancing. This Health Order limits all athletic venues a total of 15 percent of fixed, seated capacity, which truly limits the number of spectators we are permitted to attend games. As required, our spectators plans have been submitted to the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and are in the process of being approved. Below lists the maximum number of spectators (this does not include any participant, coaches and game workers) we are permitted to have at home contests based on our competition venues.
Main Stadium  
  • 200 people - Home Side
  • 90 people -  Visitors Side
Grass Soccer Fields (High School, Middle School & Fairmount)
  • 50 people - Home Side
  • 50 people - Visitors Side
High School Gymnasium
  • 50 people - Home Side
  • 50 people - Visitors Side
Middle School Gymnasium 
  • 40 people - Home Section
  • 20 people - Visitors Section

In order to attend any sporting event at the Beachwood Schools you must have a ticket upon arrival or you will not be permitted entry into the contest. All tickets will be pre-sold and must be purchased or redeemed at least 24 hours in advance of the home contest. We are limiting each participant on each team to two tickets to their respective contests. (Ex: we have 25 soccer players and each player will be allotted 2 tickets for a total of 50 tickets).  For home football games, 2 tickets will be allotted for each football player, each band/drill team member and each cheerleader. 

If additional tickets are available on the day of the game, we will release these tickets to the general public to be purchased online. 

Varsity Football            $7.00
Girls Varsity Soccer            $6.00
Boys Varsity Soccer        $6.00
Varsity Volleyball            $6.00
Junior Varsity Volleyball        $6.00

Junior Varsity Football        $0.00
Boys Junior Varsity Soccer    $0.00
Girls Junior Varsity Soccer    $0.00
Middle School Football         $0.00
Girls Middle School Soccer    $0.00
Boys Middle School Soccer    $0.00
Middle School Volleyball         $0.00

  • All tickets must be purchased and/or redeemed at least 24 hours in advance of the contest or you will not be permitted entry. 
  • If tickets are not claimed after the ticket window closes, we will reopen the ticket window at 8:00 am on the day of the contests - - tickets will be sold online on a first come, first serve basis up until one hour prior to the start of the contest.  
  • All Families, Students, Staff and Boosters will be required to have a paid ticket upon arrival in order to gain entry into the contest.
  • Tickets for away contests will be determined by the host school. Our coaches will provide you updates regarding the ticketing process as they come available from the hosting school. 

  • Visit
  • Find the event you're looking to purchase tickets for and click “Get Tickets”
  • Click - “Have a Passcode?”
  • Input the pass code (Beachwood Student ID #) - the student ID can be found on Infinite Campus
  • Select the amount of tickets and click “Checkout”
  • Input your payment and contact information
  • Click “Submit Order”
  • Your ticket(s) will then be sent to the email you provided at checkout or you can download them and print them off.
  • Once the allotment of tickets have been sold, no additional tickets will be available.
  • Check your spam/junk if you don't see the tickets in your inbox
  • If you have issues with your order please email [email protected] or [email protected] 

When you arrive at the Beachwood Schools for the event you will present your ticket (paper version or electronic version) at the check in table and your ticket will be scanned by our game worker. At away contests, paper tickets will be required. Beachwood Athletic Department tickets will look like this:

Main Stadium & High School Gymnasium
  • Parking will be available in the Beachwood High School parking lot only. The middle school parking lot/entry will not be open. 
  • All spectators must park at Beachwood HS and enter through the high school main entry. 
Middle School Gymnasium & Grass Fields (High School & Middle School)
  • Parking will be available in the Beachwood Middle School parking lot only. The high school parking lot/entry will not be available. 
  • All spectators must park at Beachwood MS and head to the entry gate for check in. 
  • MS Gymnasium - Enter MS Gym entry doors and then check in at the check in table
  • Grass Fields - Walk up the pathway from the middle parking lot to the check in table. 
Fairmount Grass Fields
  • Parking will be available in the Board of Education parking lot only. 
  • All spectators must park at the Board of Education parking lot and head to the entry gate for check in. 

  • Gates will open 30 minutes prior to each contest.
  • No spectators will be allowed entry if they are showing symptoms of COVID19.
  • Upon arrival at all home contests our staff will conduct a temperature check. If your temperature is above 100.4, you will not be permitted entry into the contest. 
  • Booster members will not get into the contest for free.
  • No passes will be permitted (ex: Boosters, CVC, Coaches, Officials, Media etc.) 
  • No money will be exchanged at the contest
  • All tickets should be purchased 24 hours in advance of the contest. 
  • Students will not be permitted to attend without an admission pass.

  • All spectators will be required to wear face coverings while on our premise.
  • If a spectator is unable to wear a mask as a result of a medical condition they must provide medical documentation. 
  • Social distancing of 6 feet will be required at all times, unless you are household members. 
  • Spectators cannot congregate before, during and after the contest.
  • All spectators should leave immediately after the contest. 
  • Spectators must follow all seating guidelines.
  • Our water fountains are closed. It is encouraged to bring water with you to home contests.

All opposing schools are required by their local board of health to have similar COVID-19 spectator guidelines. Therefore, spectator attendance at away contests will be limited and in some situations, visitor spectators will not be allowed to attend. These guidelines will vary from school to school. We will do our best to keep our coaches informed with regards to opposing schools spectator and ticket requirements and they will share them with their players and families. 

As a result of these drastic limitations on spectator attendance, in working with our technology department, we will live streaming most of our varsity home and away soccer, football and volleyball games. Games will be live streamed and can be viewed by clicking on this link: Bison TV

All home and away schedules can be found by visiting:

Schedules will be updated daily. Please check the schedules regularly for any changes. 

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