5th Graders Place 7th at Destination Imagination Globals

May 23, 2015 – A first-year team of fifth graders from Hilltop Elementary School placed seventh out of 77 teams in its category at the Destination Imagination Global Finals at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, May 20-23. This team, which named itself "The Happy Group," qualified for Globals by placing first at the state competition in Mt. Vernon, Ohio, on April 11.

Two teams of Beachwood High School students that each placed third at States also competed at Globals. "The 5 Carbon Sugars" (9th graders) placed 30th out of 59 teams at Globals in the Creature Feature category, while "The Flaming Marshmallows" (10th graders) placed 33rd out of 77 teams in the Improv Games category. More than 8,000 students from 17 countries competed at Globals.

Six Beachwood teams qualified and competed at States after placing first in their respective challenges at the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament held at Beachwood High School on March 14. More than 1,000 competitors, coaches, teachers, parents and volunteers attended that regional at BHS.

At the March 14th regional, all three Beachwood High School teams qualified for States by finishing in first place, as did three teams from Hilltop Elementary School. A record 15 Beachwood teams competed, including five "Rising Stars" teams that compete for exhibition only from Brdyen Elementary School.

Two Beachwood teams won the regional “Spirit of DI” award for their outstanding spirit, teamwork, volunteerism, and sportsmanship. The recipients of this award go out of their way to help others, making sacrifices not for themselves, but to give something to someone else.

Two other Beachwood teams won the regional “Renaissance Award” for outstanding design, engineering, execution, and performance. This award recognizes teams that demonstrate extraordinary amounts of effort and preparation in their solutions or outstanding skill in engineering, design or performance.

All 10 competitive Beachwood teams placed in the top three and/or won special awards at the regional competition. Below are the results of Beachwood's teams at States and Regionals. Click here to view photos from the event.


The Happy Group Team, Elementary “Improv Games”
Globals: 7th Place; State: 1st Place; Regional: 1st Place
Sameer Shah, Sam Warner, Irene Yang, Tory Yang, Bowen Zhang, Zilin Zhang

The Five Carbon Sugars, High School “Creature Feature”
Globals: 30th; State: 3rd Place; Regional: 1st Place
Asha Gaines-Smith, Meghan Opre, Angela Wang, Samantha Zawatsky, Jinle Zhu

The Flaming Marshmallowzzz, High School “Improv Games”
Globals: 33rd; State: 3rd Place; Regional: 1st Place
Andrew Feldman, Molly Rosen, Julia Warner,
Amanda Wasserman

includes Global Qualifiers above

The Cupcake A”Choc”lyps, Elementary “Feary Tales” 
Regional: 1st Place & Renaissance Award
David Kuang, Gregory Perryman, Claire Weaver, Lucas Yang, Amy Zhao

The Diversities, Elementary “Feary Tales”
Regional: 1st Place
Jack Baris, 
Sophia Baris, Rebecca Gips, Moonhee Kim, Olivia Moore, Anwar Sossey

The BaSix, High School “Feary Tales” & Spirit of DI Award
Regional, 1st Place
Olivia Adelman, Abbey Brewer, Gaby Rodriguez, Lily Steiger, Yuke Zheng


The Wasabi Warriors, 2nd Place, Elementary “Creature Feature”
Aayush Banerjee, Drew Keilin, James O’Neill, Brett Zawatsky, Kai Zheng

Great Shoe DI-ni, 2nd Place, Middle School “Brand-Aid” & Renaissance Award
Adam Charnas, Gabe Colmenares, Max Steiger, Jordyn Zawatsky

Clar/Isaacson, 3rd Place, Middle School “Feary Tales”
Lauren Clar, Emily Isaacson, Chelsea Zheng, Alexa Zarjetskiy

The Fierce Feary Girls, Spirit of DI Award, Elementary “Feary Tales”
Leana Adunts, Emily Clar, Kaajal Krishnan

competed at Regionals only

The Liang Team, Rising Stars “Animal Mish Mash”
Adam Hong, David Hong, Eva Zheng, Lyndia Zheng

The Rao Team, Rising Stars “Animal Mish Mash”
Ali Azim, Gina Lee, Jason Lee, Shamith Murthy, Tony Zheng

The Krishnan Team, Rising Stars “Animal Mish Mash”
Karian Krishnan, Elizabeth Liu, Isabelle McClung, Akanksha Saikia, Maria Zarjetsky

Goyal/Singh Team, Rising Stars “Animal Mish Mash”
Alex Bravo, Anant Gupta, Rachel Kantarovich, Radha Pareek, Aya Pinhasi

Jacobs/Raghunathan Team, Rising Stars “Animal Mish Mash”
Maxwell Jacobs, Samuel Jacobs, Samantha Lewin, Ian Pedraza, Arpith Prasad

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