BMS Musicians Earn Top Ratings at Local Contest

March 7, 2015 – Fifty-four Beachwood Middle School musicians earned superior or excellent scores at the Greater Cleveland Solo and Ensemble Contest at University School on Saturday, March 7. In total, 54 BMS students competed, earning 27 I ratings (superior) and four II ratings (excellent) in 31 combined band and orchestra events.

Beachwood Middle School instrumental music teachers are Noél DiViney (orchestra), Lisa Goldman (orchestra), and David Luddington (band). Mr. Luddington also served as contest chairman.

Below are the results for Beachwood Middle School musicians from the 2015 Greater Cleveland Solo and Ensemble Contest:
Ben Saul, Solo: I
Andrew Steckner, Solo: I
Fernando Duraes, Solo: I
Sam Roter, Solo: I
Kanrry Kang, Solo: I
Yoav Pinhasi, Solo: I
Jing Jing Shen, Solo: I
Brian Li, Solo: I
Zachary Ritzenberg, Solo: II
James Henry & Kanrry Kang, Duet: I
Athena Grasso & Mira Wooley, Duet: I
Yoav Pinhasi & Zach Ritzenberg, Duet: I   
Jing Jing Shen & Sophia Park, Duet: I 
Matthew Young & William Friedrich, Duet: II 
Andrew Steckner, Brian Li, Zyad Shehadeh, Trio: I  
Rachel Cohen, Brooklyn Hollimon, Alexa Zarjetsky, Trio: II
Grady Bystrom, Steven Fowler, Simon Anastos, Sam Berkowitz, Quartet: II

Amy Chen, Solo: I
Paige Wong, Solo: I
Prerna Mukherjee, Solo: I
Tal Yankevich, Solo: I
Somin Jung, Solo: I
Emma Joo, Solo: I
Jesse Wu, Solo: I
Neha Chellu & Chelsea Zhang, Duet: I
Tal Yankevich & Helen Tian, Duet: I
Cassidy Crosby & Sanchari Chakribarti, Duet: I
Ryo Okamoto & Erika Jung, Duet: I
Sanchari Chakrabarti, Gal Pinhasi & Julia Woomer, Trio: I
Heather Johnson, Melondy Shen & Jvian Ferguson, Trio: I
Prerna Mukherjee, Laila Ramadan, Lexi Glova & Priyanka Shrestha, Quartet: I
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