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Board Honors Marketing Teacher Gregory Perry

November 16, 2023

Junior Achievement marketing teacher Gregory Perry has been distinguished with the Samuel H. Elliott Award by the Harvard Business School Club of Northeast Ohio, a recognition of his exceptional contributions in educating students about the free enterprise system, ethical business management, and entrepreneurial thinking.

In Mr. Perry's innovative course, students interested in business, marketing, or related fields develop real-world marketing skills by creating and operating their own companies. This year, the students have started a heartwarming campaign called 
Hope Heals. Their mission is to bring inspiration and joy to critically ill children across Northeast Ohio. To raise awareness, they are implementing a unique guerrilla marketing campaign featuring teddy bears, symbolizing hope and care.

Speaking at the November 15 Board of Education meeting, Doug Suna, a trustee for the Harvard Business School Club of Northeast Ohio, shared his experiences visiting Mr. Perry's class. “Greg was nice enough to invite me to his class. Walking in, I was practically bowled over by all the students coming out to greet me,” said Mr. Suna. “I got to see the store and the energy. The fact that we made a great choice this year just screamed.”

Expressing his gratitude for the award, Mr. Perry remarked, “It has been such an honor to be part of Beachwood Schools. The support that the Board and the administration has given the program and the students has been second to none. It’s wonderful to work in an environment that supports creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship.”

Superintendent Dr. Robert Hardis praised Mr. Perry's dedication. “The description of the Elliott award fits to a tee of what you do to give students in the program, unparalleled opportunities,” said Dr. Hardis. “We’re really proud of them, and we're proud of you.”

Highlighting the impact of Mr. Perry's teaching, Board of Education president Megan Walsh shared a touching story. Recalling a conversation with an alumnus of Mr. Perry’s class, Walsh said, “it was super impactful for him to bring up that he learned from you and how important the class was to him. So thank you for all that you do.”

Beachwood Schools warmly congratulates Mr. Perry on this incredible accomplishment! His influence extends beyond the classroom, inspiring a future generation of ethical business leaders and innovators.

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