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Residents Share Design Ideas for New Elementary Schools

October 24, 2023

Beachwood's residents aren't just dreaming of a brighter educational future, they're helping design it. 

On October 23, ThenDesign Architecture hosted the first of two community input sessions, offering residents a say in the designs of two new elementary schools set to replace Bryden and Hilltop.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Hardis praised the productive dialogue, stating, “The input was substantive and incredibly helpful. There was a lot of alignment between what we heard from our community members and what we’ve heard recently in our meetings with school staff. That should make moving forward with the designs much easier, which is great.” 

Key points from the session include:

  • Outdoor Facilities: Residents suggested areas for learning and play, such as outdoor classrooms, basketball courts, playing fields, accessible  playground structures, GaGa Ball pits, ample swings, and greenhouses.

  • Indoor Amenities: Community members generated ideas for indoor play spaces at Bryden.

  • Community Engagement: Participants envisioned the school grounds doubling as community hubs, complete with walking trails, fitness structures, and communal pavilions. They also emphasized the need to coordinate with the city's new playground to avoid unnecessarily duplicating amenities.

Next Steps: 

The architects will incorporate this feedback into detailed site plans and elevation drawings. Construction is slated to begin in summer 2024. Both elementary schools are expected to undergo simultaneous construction, with the goal of completing the buildings by January 2026 and grounds completion by the fall of 2026.

Help design the future of Beachwood's elementary schools. Join the next community input session on December 5 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the Beachwood Board of Education.

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