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Science Olympiad Team to Host Invitational

January 6, 2022

The Beachwood High School Science Olympiad team will host its first-ever invitational tournament on January 28. Under the leadership of Head Coach Alise Kulbago, the team has been working overtime to organize the event, coordinate volunteers, gather sponsorships, and promote the student-run invitational. With 30 teams registered, the tournament is expected to draw 500 participants, volunteers, and family members from across Ohio.

The competitions cover 23 areas of science and range from traditional knowledge tests and lab experiments to inquiry projects. The forensics challenge, for instance, requires students to perform lab tests to investigate evidence from a crime scene. The trajectory competition asks teams to design, construct, and calibrate a catapult that launches ping pong balls onto a target.

“The students are learning a lot about putting on a large event,” Kulbago said. “They’re learning marketing skills, how to write a grant application, and how to organize volunteers. I’m really impressed with what they’ve been able to do.”

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