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Board Approves Fine Arts Diploma Seal

March 2, 2023

Graduating seniors may now earn a Seal of Fine and Performing Arts on their Beachwood High School diploma. The Beachwood Board of Education approved the new diploma seal at its February 27 meeting.

Diploma seals demonstrate academic, technical, and professional readiness as students transition to their next steps after high school. Students are required to achieve a total of two seals to graduate, with at least one coming from the Ohio Department of Education’s state-defined list. The Seal of Fine and Performing Arts is a locally-defined seal in which the criteria are determined by Beachwood Schools. State seals include technology, citizenship, industry, honors diploma, college readiness, job readiness, and others.

To earn the Seal of Fine and Performing Arts, students must complete four years in a curricular ensemble or visual art class, participate in a high school drama experience, participate in at least one adjudication experience, and attend an arts or culture-related speaker series. Upon completion of these requirements, students must submit an application for approval. 

"The Beachwood Fine and Performing Arts Program provides students with robust and engaging opportunities to excel,” said Linda LoGalbo, Director of Curriculum and Instruction. “The Seal of Fine and Performing Arts is yet another way for our district to recognize our talented students." Learn more about the Seal of Fine and Performing Arts

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