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National School Psychology Week

November 11, 2022

Beachwood City Schools proudly celebrates National School Psychology Week (November 7-11). This year's theme is "Together We Shine," which highlights the power of coming together as a school community to find purpose and possibility. 

School psychologists wear many hats. They provide direct support and interventions to students; consult with families, teachers, and mental health professionals to improve support strategies; collaborate with administrators to improve school-wide practices and policies; and partner with community providers to coordinate services. 

Beachwood City Schools is fortunate to have three hardworking and compassionate school psychologists: Julie Jameson, Christin Weyn, and Kevin Kemelhar. This week, Beachwood Schools joins districts across the nation in recognizing the important work of school psychologists to create supportive learning environments for students. 

To celebrate National School Psychology Week, Dr. Jameson and Mrs. Weyn shared more about their roles. 

Julie Jameson

Dr. Jameson joined Beachwood City Schools two years ago from the Bedford City School District. Her decision to become a school psychologist came as a second career after teaching in both early childhood and higher education settings. 

As a school psychologist, Dr. Jameson said she enjoys building strong relationships with students and families. She loves celebrating with students when they reach new milestones and growth. One of her treasured possessions is a thank-you note from a former student, which she carries with her in her planner. 

“It’s rewarding to know you are making a difference and a connection,” said Dr. Jameson.

A common misconception is that school psychologists are clinical therapists. While they don’t diagnose medically, Dr. Jameson emphasizes the extensive training school psychologists undergo. This includes academic and behavior interventions, counseling, mental health, data analysis, and crisis and threat assessment. Given their training, school psychologists possess a wealth of knowledge and are a tremendous resource for districts.

“There are a lot of hats to school psychology,” said Dr. Jameson. 

Christin Weyn

Mrs. Weyn has served as a school psychologist with Beachwood Schools for 23 years. She initially began her training in clinical psychology but changed her professional goals after volunteering with a school psychologist in South Euclid-Lyndhurst City Schools. She was drawn to the team approach of working in a school setting.

“I love collaborative decision-making and coming together to solve a problem,” she said. “I’m really grateful to work in a community where there is a partnership with families. Parents are active members of the team.”

Mrs. Weyn works with students and families at both the Fairmount Early Childhood Learning Center and the High School, allowing her the unique opportunity to serve students at the beginning and end of their educational journey in the Beachwood Schools. 

“I am able to see the growth and the results of everyone's hard work,” she said. “Having longevity has also provided me with opportunities to build trusting relationships with families and colleagues over time, and this compliments the collaborative team process.”

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