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Tips To Keep Learning Fresh This Summer

June 29, 2023

Summer is an important part of a child’s educational journey. Hilltop Elementary science teacher Jason Hill shares everyday activities families can do with their child to support learning over summer break.

Why is it important for students to keep learning fresh over the summer?

Mr. Hill: It is important for students to keep learning fresh over the summer for several reasons. First, continuous learning helps prevent the "summer slide," which refers to the loss of academic skills and knowledge that can occur during extended breaks from school. By engaging in educational activities during the summer, students can maintain and reinforce what they have learned, ensuring a smoother transition into the next school year.

Summer learning also helps students expand their knowledge and explore new areas of interest. It provides an opportunity for them to delve into subjects that may not be covered extensively in the regular curriculum. This exploration can foster curiosity, critical thinking, and a love for lifelong learning.

What are some essential skills that students should maintain during the summer months?

Mr. Hill: It's important to strike a balance between maintaining essential skills and allowing children to have a well-deserved break and enjoy their summer vacations. A few essential skills that students should maintain during the summer months are:

  1. Reading: Encourage them to read regularly to enhance their vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills.

  2. Writing: Encourage your child to practice writing regularly, such as keeping a journal or writing short stories. This will help them improve their grammar, spelling, and creative expression.

  3. Math: Engage your child in activities that reinforce math concepts, such as solving puzzles, playing math games, or participating in real-world math scenarios like cooking.

  4. Critical thinking: Encourage problem-solving activities, logic puzzles, or brain teasers that stimulate their critical thinking skills and foster analytical reasoning.

  5. Communication: Encourage your child to engage in conversations, debates, or group activities that promote effective communication, active listening, and collaboration with peers and family members.

What are some activities that families can do with their children this summer to keep learning fresh?

Mr. Hill: Activities that elementary families can engage in this summer to keep learning fresh include:

  1. Take your children on outdoor adventures to explore nature. Visit local parks, nature reserves, or go hiking. Encourage your children to observe plants, animals, and natural phenomena. You can discuss different species, ecosystems, and the importance of environmental conservation. Additionally, you can engage in activities like nature scavenger hunts or create a nature journal to document their findings.

  2. Science Experiments: Conduct simple science experiments at home to foster curiosity and learning. Encourage them to observe, hypothesize, and draw conclusions from their experiments.

  3. Reading Challenge: Create a reading challenge for your children to encourage their reading habit. Set a goal for the number of books they need to read during the summer break and reward their achievements. Visit the local library together to discover new books or start a mini book club within the family, where you can discuss and share your favorite reads.

  4. Engage in arts and crafts projects that stimulate creativity and fine motor skills. Set up an art corner with supplies like paper, markers, colored pencils, and paint. Encourage your children to create their own stories through drawings or make crafts using recycled materials.

  5. Explore virtual field trips that allow your children to learn about different places, cultures, and historical events from the comfort of your home. Many museums, zoos, and landmarks offer virtual tours and educational resources. You can choose a new virtual destination each week and discuss what you learned together.

Why is summer an important time for students to learn and grow?

Mr. Hill: Summer months provide ample time for enjoyable activities and authentic learning experiences. With longer daylight hours and potentially fewer academic commitments, summer can be a great opportunity to engage in various hobbies, explore new interests, travel, spend time with loved ones, or pursue educational endeavors. Whether it's through reading, participating in summer camps, or taking courses, there are plenty of opportunities to learn and grow during the summer. It's a time to relax, recharge, and make the most of the available time.

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