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Beachwood Declines Arming Teachers

School board passes resolution to prohibit teachers, staff from carrying firearms 

June 28, 2022

In a unanimous vote, the Beachwood City Schools Board of Education passed a resolution prohibiting teachers and non-security employees to carry weapons on school grounds. 

The resolution affirms the District’s current policy, which allows only police to be armed on school grounds and at school-sponsored events. In passing the resolution, the school board declines its new authority under House Bill 99 to allow teachers and school employees to carry firearms with 24 hours of initial instruction and eight hours of annual training. Previous state law required teachers to undergo more than 600 hours of instruction before carrying a gun within a school safety zone.

The resolution states that the “Board of Education of the Beachwood City School District believes that the presence of lesser trained persons armed with deadly weapons in our schools, including firearms, would potentially create an unsafe environment in our schools and threaten the health and welfare of students and staff.”

Prior to the unanimous vote, board member Wendy Leatherberry stated: “I’m really proud of our district for once again standing up for our Beachwood families and supporting the health, safety and well-being of our staff, students, families and community.”

Leatherberry emphasized that arming teachers is not the answer to the scourge of gun violence in the United States. “Teachers carry a lot on their plates already,” she said. “I’m really proud that we will not be asking them to carry this burden too.” 

Beachwood Federation of Teachers president Pam Ogilvy said she is gathering input from the teacher’s union on a formal position regarding the District’s policy on maintaining a weapon-free school environment. In a statement following the vote, Ogilvy thanked the board for considering the everyday realities of teachers caught in the middle of the national gun safety debate. 

“When many of us made the choice to pursue a career in public education, the notion that we would be expected to literally arm ourselves in defense of students was the farthest thing from our minds,” said Ogilvy. “It’s a sobering thought that young people who are considering a life in education now have to factor that into their decision-making process.” 

“We appreciate your acknowledgement of how decisions at the state level affect us on a day-to-day basis,” said Ogilvy to the board.

Click here to read the full resolution. Watch a video of the June 27 vote below.

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