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Community Input Session: Elementary Facilities Needs & Master Planning Concepts

September 21, 2022

Beachwood City Schools continues seeking community input as it moves forward with developing an elementary facilities master plan that best serves the entire community. 

Residents came together last week for an input session led by architects from ThenDesign Architecture and Project Management Consultants. It was the first of three public meetings scheduled throughout the master planning process. The firms have been commissioned by the Board of Education to develop a plan that serves the long-term needs of the district amid growing elementary enrollment and programming needs. Watch the full presentation here.

Collaborative Planning

Community members brought their voices, ideas and insights to the informational session. Working in small groups, they reimagined the facilities and grounds as community spaces for the public to gather, socialize, learn and play. 

Ideas included public recreational facilities and green spaces, featuring upgraded playgrounds, a pavilion, basketball and tennis courts, youth sports fields and a fitness park. Participants expressed a need for more public meeting spaces for seniors and community groups. 

Also during the meeting the architects validated the district’s 2015 survey, which determined the 65-year-old Hilltop and Bryden schools need to be significantly renovated or replaced. Elementary enrollment has increased 16.4 percent–roughly 86 students–since the time of the survey.

Hundreds of residents have shared their thoughts on how to address the challenge of aging elementary facilities through a survey, building tours and public meetings. 

“It was very clear [from the survey] a single consolidated building was not acceptable to the community,” said Project Management Consultants Director Steve Zannoni.

Next Steps

Community input remains a crucial component in the development of a facilities master plan. On October 20, the architects will present several options for renovating or replacing the elementary facilities. Residents will learn the costs, benefits and impact associated with each scenario and will have opportunities to weigh in on the best path forward for Beachwood. 

Have a question about the project? Share your feedback or questions here.

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