8th Grader Defends Her BMS Spelling Bee Title

Jan. 31, 2013 - Eighth grader Swathi Srinivasan emerged after 16 hard-fought rounds as Beachwood Middle School's Scripps National Spelling Bee winner this year. She successfully defended her school title from last year and will compete at the local area spelling bee in March for the second time.

A close second, Jennifer Yen was our runner-up, spelling many tough words correctly. The top five finalists who competed in front of the entire school this past Thursday, January 31st: Lily Steiger (7th), Daniel Mishins (8th), Mukul Govande (8th), Jennifer Yen (8th) and Swathi Srinivasan (8th). Our 6th grade class winner was Macie Berkley and runner up was Jing-Jing Shen.
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