Musicians Shine at OMEA Solo & Ensemble Contests

Feb. 24, 2013 - Musicians from Beachwood Middle School and Beachwood High School earned exceptional ratings at their respective recent Ohio Music Education Association's Solo and Ensemble Contests for band, choir and orchestra students from local schools.

Eight Beachwood High School music students earned the highest possible rating while performing music with the highest degree difficulty at OMEA high school competition, held on Feb. 16, while 19 Beachwood Middle School students earned a 1 rating at the same middle school-level competition on Feb. 23.

For high school students, an "A" music designation indicates the complexity of the music performed is the most rigorous and challenging materials, while "1" ratings are reserved for truly outstanding performances with very few technical errors and exemplifying a truly musical expression. Thirty-one BHS and 32 BMS students participated.

Congratulations to the following Beachwood High School students who earned 1 ratings performing A-rated music:
Kiran Bangalore, violin duet
Josh Carno-Harf, cello duet
Paul Corty cello duet
Andrew Hartstein, tuba solo
Jori Holloway, cello solo
Bingqing Hu, violin solo
Jon Sender, violin duet
Emily Topilow, violin solo

Congratulations to the following Beachwood Middle School students who earned 1 ratings:
Jieun Yang, violin solo
Jacqueline Joo, violin solo
Maria Perilla, violin solo
Esther Millas, cello duet
Meghan Opre, cello duet
Jacqueline Joo, string trio
Leah Roter, string trio
Olivia Hahnemann-Gilbert, string trio
ChaeHee Lee, violin duet
Allen Zhu, violin duet
Ankita Prasad, string trio
Mikayla Carno-Harf, string trio
Arielle Tindel, string trio
Leah Roter, piano solo
Aryeh Carmi, piano solo
Arielle Tindel, piano solo
Jack Spero, snare drum solo
Natalie Patten, woodwind duet
Zoe Flate, woodwind duet
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