Knowledge Master Teams Place 1st in Ohio

March 22, 2013 - Teams comprising Beachwood fifth and sixth graders each placed first in the state in the recent Knowledge Master Open, and another Beachwood's fifth grade team finished second in the state.

These students competed in KMO’s recent computer-based, worldwide academic competition in which teams of students from thousands of schools nationwide earn points by answering multiple-choice questions in many subject areas quickly and accurately. KMO is a knowledge-based competition that requires students to think critically and work cooperatively to answer 100 questions in a timed format. Teams faced their computers to answer the challenging questions in the event, earning points for the speed and accuracy of their answers.

Team scores and members' names follow below. Beachwood's 
KMO advisors are Horizons teachers Maria Colombo-DiLeonare and Kathy Kelly.

Grade 5: 1st place in state, scored 566 of 1,000 possible points:
James Flowers, Lexi Glova, Richard Han, Matt Keyerleber, Lena Leland, Prerna Mukherjee, Bisher Nasir, Lali Ramadan, Priyanka Shrestha, Max Steiger, Tyler Stovsky, Stephanie Yen

Grade 5: 2nd place in state, scored of 544 of 1,000 possible points:
Ruth Brown, Gabe Colmenares, Parker Gill, Athena Grasso, Amanda Leizman,  Vivian Li,  Nikhil Murali, Philip Pioro, Matt Young, Joelle Rosenthal, Jordyn Zawatsky

Grade 6: 1st place in state, scored of 696 of 1,000 possible points:
Nathan Burke, Yardena Carmi, Joel Green, Nam Nugyen, Natalie Patten, Jared Shapiro, Drew Schnee, Melondy Shen, Jing Jing Shen, Spencer Shroge

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