109.0 Performance Index is District's Best Ever

August 26, 2013 - Just as schools issue a report card to tell you how well your child is learning, school districts also receive a Local Report Card each August from the Ohio Department of Education. This report tells communities how well their schools are educating their students.

If you have seen these reports in past years, you may have noticed something different. The old report card that used terms such as “Excellent” and “Continuous Improvement” to rate schools has been discontinued. For 2012-2013, school districts received letter grades of A-F on nine ways of measuring school success.

These letter grades present a clearer picture of how schools are doing. Over the next two years, the department of education will add new ways of measuring how well schools are serving their students. By in August 2015, school districts will earn grades on 18 "measures" in six "components," and will also receive an overall district letter grade.

While we did not receive an overall letter grade this year, Beachwood Schools received an ‘A’ for our 109.0 performance index – our highest ever rating and the 16th highest of Ohio’s more than 600 public school districts.

Click here to view our complete report card.

Click here to read "Understanding Ohio's New Report Card System" from the Ohio Department of Education.

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