School Security Update from the Superintendent

Dec. 13, 2013 – Beachwood Schools administrators and our crisis management team regularly review and practice our security and emergency procedures in keeping with law enforcement's best practices.

We work closely with the City of Beachwood Police Department to provide safe and secure learning environments for our students and staff. While the safety of our students and staff demands that we not disclose many of the details that would compromise the integrity of our security provisions, I am able to share that periodic activities include the following:

  • Students and staff in each of our schools practice annual *lockdown or **shelter-in-place drills, which will likely be conducted in the next few days, under the guidance of the Beachwood Police. (See descriptions below for "lockdown" and "shelter-in-place.")
  • Our teachers and staff have attended three separate training sessions since the Spring on techniques that empower them to take more aggressive steps to protect and shield our students in a crisis situation.
  • Beachwood Police periodically conduct exercises in our schools during off hours to familiarize themselves with our buildings.
  • Beachwood Police also maintain a low profile at our school buildings - as a precaution - during times of heightened concern.
In the event of an actual lockdown, school closing or emergency, our district utilizes the following media to communicate effectively and quickly with parents and the community: reverse-911, text messages, email, Facebook, Twitter, our web site, and local news media.

While even the best security measures can not guarantee absolute safety, please know that our schools and community are as prepared as possible for managing threats to public safety. Thank you for entrusting your children to our care.


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Dr. Richard A. Markwardt, Superintendent
Beachwood City School District
(216) 464-2600

*LOCKDOWN secures all exterior entrances and exits to the school building. It may be used to prevent anyone from entering or leaving the building when there is a perceived threat near - but not necessarily inside - the school.
**SHELTER-IN-PLACE effectively secures students in the rooms they currently occupy. In addition to when there is a potential threat inside the school, this procedure may also be utilized during a medical emergency to transport an individual safely and with dignity. Thus, it may also be used in situations during which there is no threat to student safety.
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