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Reopening Plan

 Dear Beachwood Parents/Guardians and Students,

Thank you for your patience and support as we reopen Beachwood Schools.  We face unprecedented challenges because of COVID-19.  However, we are facing these challenges relying on science, creative use of Beachwood’s resources, and our community’s dedication to protecting one another.  We plan to return students to school in person on September 21, 2020.

The following is Beachwood’s plan for reopening schools.  Thanks to the many parents, students, Beachwood Schools staff, Board of Education members, city officials, and other community members including numerous medical professionals, for their ideas, input, and troubleshooting throughout this process.  This has been a truly collaborative effort.

Below, you will find a detailed description of the safety measures we are putting in place across the district as well as links to a schedule and FAQs for each level of school.


  1. Online Only Option

Every Beachwood family with students grades K-12 has the option to keep their child at home to 

engage in online learning exclusively.

  1. Health Checklists

    1. Every student and staff member must complete and submit a Daily Health Checklist at home, which includes a temperature check, before boarding a bus or entering school.  

    2. The checklist is recommended by the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH).  Checklist submissions will be cross-referenced with school attendance.  

    3. Anyone who does not submit the checklist will be sent home.

  1. Face Mask (revised 11/9/20)– A mask that covers the user’s mouth, nose, and chin. Face Masks include  face coverings, medical/surgical masks, and N95 Respirators. 

    Face Masks must: 

    Fully cover the mouth, nose, and chin simultaneously 

    Fit properly against the side of the face 

    Not have a valve of any kind unless it is a verifiable N95 respirator 

    Not create difficulty breathing while worn 

    Be secured through a tie, ear loops, elastic, etc. to prevent slipping 

    Be neat and clean. 

    Face Shield – A Face Shield is a device used to protect the user's eyes and face from  bodily fluids, liquid splashes, and/or communicable disease. Generally, a Face Shield is  situated at the crown of the head and is constructed with plastic to cover the user’s eyes  and face and extends below the user’s chin. 

    All Face Masks and Face Shields shall meet the requirements of the appropriate student  dress code policies and Code of Conduct for students and comply with other Board  policies applicable to employees, other staff, volunteers, vendors, contractors, and  visitors. 

    Neck gaiters qualify as acceptable face coverings only for students when they  are engaged in outdoor extracurricular activities and employees when they  are working outdoors. 

  1. Hand Washing / Sanitizing

    1. Per the Governor’s orders, sanitizer dispensers will be placed (if they are not already) at every building entrance and in each classroom.

    2. Hand washing or sanitizing breaks will be taken frequently during the day so staff and students can exercise this simple, but highly effective measure of prevention

  1. Physical Distancing

    1. We will reduce the number of students in each classroom so that 6-foot physical distancing from one another can be accomplished.

    2. Reducing the number of students in hallways has the potential to achieve the same.

    3. Distancing on our buses is a goal, but this will depend upon the number of riders.  Bus riders will be required to wear a face covering and sanitize their hands upon boarding. We are awaiting guidance on the topic of transportation from the Ohio Department of Health.

    4. At the MS and HS levels, a few classes may be scheduled as online only to meet a staffing or scheduling need.

  1. Cleaning of Buildings

    1. Additional measures will be taken to sanitize our facilities both during the school day, in between groups of students, and in between school days.

    2. High traffic areas will be a focus of our increased custodial/cleaning staff during school hours.

    3. Classroom surfaces, such as desks and chairs will be sprayed and wiped by students and teachers throughout the school day.

    4. Increased cleaning measures will be taken nightly, including the use of an electrostatic disinfectant fogger in all spaces occupied during the day.


  1. Start Date

    1. We will welcome students back for in-person learning at school on September 14, 2020.  The district will provide updates in the coming weeks about this start date.  Families whose children are signed up for online learning will experience no change in their schedules after that date.

  1. Pupil Services

    1. Special Education services for students with disabilities will be fully provided.

      1. Services for any individual student will be determined based upon what is specified in their IEP.

      2. Special schedules may be devised for these students based upon their needs.

    2. English Learner services will be fully provided but may take place on a schedule that does not match previous years.

  1. Quarantining Protocol

    1. Our school district will follow the guidance of the CCBH in the event of an exposure or suspected exposure of a staff member, student, or household member of a staff member or student.

    2. The CCBH has provided the following guidance on this topic:

      1. Anyone testing positive for COVID-19 is isolated at home and receives a call from their county/city of residence’s health department with instructions on how to keep themselves and their family safe. 

      2. During that call, we acquire a list of close personal contacts (persons who were within 6 feet of them for more than 10-15 minutes). The health department then reaches out to those case contacts with quarantine information (14 days at home, only going out when absolutely necessary, hand hygiene, face coverings, etc.). 

      3. We also seek patient permission to contact employers/schools, etc. to help determine close personal contacts as necessary on a case by case basis. 

      4. It is not the job of the school, rather, the job of the health department to contact cases and their contacts. 

      5. Anyone exhibiting symptoms should contact their primary care provider (or our office 216.201.2000) and depending on their access to care, they will be given testing instructions. 

      6. As more and more no cost/no prescription required clinics are established, we or their doctor will help them to obtain testing in the most convenient locale possible.

  1. Travel Issues

    1. The CCBH has provided the following guidance on staff or student/family travel:

      1. We are happy to provide families with guidance on travel (we have a travel clinic that provides vaccinations for international travel that can be reached at 216.201.2091). 

      2. As far as travel advisories, we use the CDC’s Travel Guidance link to make our determinations.

      3. Beachwood Schools will work with the CCBH regarding any questions related to staff or student/family travel and attendance at school.


  1. Fairmount, Bryden, and Hilltop Reopening Information

  1. Beachwood Middle School Reopening Information

  1. Beachwood High School Reopening Information

Thank you for your steadfast support of our students, Beachwood Schools and our small, but mighty community,

Dr. Robert P. Hardis


Stay safe and stay tuned for more information soon.

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