BMS Continues WEB Mentoring Program

Above, BMS students participate in a team-building exercise during this year's 6th grade orientation.

Beachwood Middle School continues its WEB program this school year. WEB is a nationwide program that helps 6th graders feel more comfortable and achieve success during their first year of middle school.

The WEB 6th grade orientation and transition program is designed to welcome and support 6th graders by assigning them to an 8th grade
WEB Leader, who serves as a mentor during this school year. WEB Leaders welcome the sixth grade class on the first day of school and continue to support them throughout their first year of middle school.

WEB Leaders are responsible older students who are hand-selected from a large pool of applicants and have met the qualifications of being a good role model and a positive leader on our campus. They are students who are positive role models, responsible, possess leadership qualities, are kind and, most important, have a desire to give back to their school community.

WEB Leaders are given the responsibility of managing and instructing a small group of 10 sixth graders on Orientation Day in a series of activities to help sixth graders to get to know each other better. WEB leaders also pass on valuable information throughout the school year about being successful in middle school.
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