Beachwood Students Participate in Earth Week Activities

Students at each of the Beachwood schools participated in activities to celebrate Earth Week. Below are just a few examples:

  • Mrs. Michelle Mayer’s first grade class at Bryden did a project to make something new out of something old. With the terms Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in mind, they used materials such as egg cartons, paper towel rolls, cereal boxes, metal cans, and plastic bottles to create pencil holders, bird feeders, cards, airplanes, planters, and banks.

  • Mrs. Sherry Bogart’s second grade class at Bryden collected all the trash that they used in their class and in the lunchroom so the students could visually realize just how much trash one classroom makes in a single school day. They also read The Magic Finger, by Roald Dahl, a wonderful, very imaginative story that provides the reader with the author's point of view on taking care of the earth.

  • Mrs. Lisa Goldman’s Fiddle Factory, a performing troupe from Hilltop, performed in the Wolf Den at the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo as part of the zoo's Earth Day Coalition festivities.

  • The Beachwood Middle School Ecology Club raised awareness for the environment by asking students to wear earth colors each day. Monday was blue day for clean water, rivers, lakes and oceans; Tuesday was white day for clean air; Wednesday students wore brown and orange for clean soil, and Thursday they wore green for “Going Green!”

  • Beachwood High School's Green Dream class hosted its fourth annual Eco-Friendly Business Showcase, drawing thousands of spectators to visit more than 100 "green" business exhibitors.

  • The Beachwood High School Ecology Club purchased plants for classrooms. They also plan park visits and another "dinner and a movie" fundraiser night, and they continue to gather all of the school's recycling on a weekly basis.
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