PTO Awards Three Staff Grants

The Beachwood Community PTO announced three Special Grants to support professional growth of school employees, encourage educational excellence through creative opportunities, and provide resources for innovative ideas.

To achieve this objective, the Special Grants Program, now in its 13th year,  provides funding for selected recipients' projects that are beyond what is provided in the school budget.

The program encourages employees of the Beachwood City Schools to utilize innovative approaches for the education of our students. A maximum of four grants are awarded annually of up to $1,000 each.

PTO representative Claudia Marmaros presented the 2011 Community PTO Special Grants during the August 22 staff convocation to:
  • Sara Takavitz: Kindergarten teacher at Bryden Elementary School: Plans to purchase a listening center for the classroom to be used across all subject areas including math, language, science and social studies. Intended outcomes include building and fostering independent listening skills, supplementing the curriculum, learning to work cooperatively in a group setting and introducing problem solving skills.
  • Julie Ungier: Library Media Specialist at BMS: Acquire a strong collection of e-books for the library in a variety of topics and genres. By building up an electronic book collection, the students and staff will be able to access the material online anytime and anywhere. Integrating technology into the library and classroom allows students to develop the skills that prepare them for future success.
  • 2nd Grade Teachers Barbara Landis, Dave Fesemyer, and Raynard Holmes: Purchase a weather station to be installed outside and read daily. This will significantly enhance the 2nd grade curriculum study of weather. All second grade classes will have the opportunity to use the instruments that predict weather throughout the year. In addition to reinforcing the science curriculum, mathematics will be enhanced through the creation of graphs, measurement of weather, and data that reports the mean, median and mode of each weather statistic.
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