PTO Membership, Calendars & Directories Now Available

Dear Beachwood Family,


Welcome the 2011-12 school year. The Beachwood Community PTO is already hard at work and is looking forward to your membership. Your $25 PTO dues provides membership in our PTO, one calendar, and one directory. 


Click here to download and print your 2011-2012 PTO Membership Form. 


For your convenience, calendars and directories will be available at the following times and locations. Please bring your completed Membership Form and $25 check made payable to Beachwood Community PTO: 

  • In-Home Sale on Friday, Aug. 19, and Saturday, Aug. 20, from 10 am to noon, at the home of Laurie Marks, 25000 Woodside Lane
  • In-Home Sale on Sunday, Aug. 21, from 10 am to noon, at the home of Debbi Cohen, 25000 Shaker Blvd.
  • All start-of-the-school-year events
  • Contact the PTO presidents and board members listed below:

Brenda Shapiro, Community PTO President

360-9323; 26406 Fairmount Blvd.


Debbi Cohen, Community PTO Membership Co-Chair 

591-0090; 25000 Shaker Blvd.


Cindy Datzman, Community PTO Membership Co-Chair 

381-2255; 2215 Campus Rd.


Pam Miller, BHS Membership Co-Chair

591-9442; 3149 Willow Lane


Marcy Escott, BHS Membership Co-Chair 

469-4770; 3015 Crafton Rd.


Laurie Marks, BMS Membership Co-Chair 

464-4613; 25000 Woodside Lane


Lisa Fullerton, BMS Membership Co-Chair

514-7119; 2546 Larchmont


Rachel Westrick, Elementary PTO President

991-4497; 21308 Halburton Rd.


A few other notes:

  • Payment and the form are due at the time you pick up your calendar and directory.
  • Do NOT return the attached Membership Form to your child's school.
  • Calendars and Directories will not be delivered.
  • The completed form ensures your child's school receives appropriate reimbursement.
  • Senior Parents: Please remember you must be a PTO member by November 30th to be eligible to apply for a 2012 PTO Senior Scholarship!

 Thanks for joining the Beachwood Community PTO. As always, we appreciate your support and involvement. Have a wonderful school year!


Debbi Cohen & Cindy Datzman

Beachwood Community PTO Membership Co-Chairs


P.S.  Volunteering for PTO is a great way to make a difference in your child's educational experience. Please let us know if you would like to be contacted for volunteer opportunities. We promise not to overwork you. Be sure to check the "volunteer box" on the membership form.

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