New Academic Eligibility Standards for Athletes

Dear Beachwood High School and Middle School Parents,


On Feb. 27, 2012, the Beachwood Board of Education passed a resolution raising our academic eligibility standards for participation in athletics. Our school's previous standards, the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) minimum standards, set the bar too low for Beachwood's student-athletes. We are confident that the new standards will have a positive impact on our school, instilling the value that academics are a student's top priority.


The new eligibility standards specify that a student must:

  1. be currently enrolled in the Beachwood City Schools in a minimum of five (5) one credit courses or the equivalent, each of which counts toward graduation;
  2. have earned a 2.00 quarterly GPA (weighted) during the previous grading period;
  3. have earned passing grades (D- or better) in all his/her courses.

Click here to view the Student-Athlete Handbook. (See Page 11.)

Academic eligibility will be reviewed at the end of each quarterly grading period. Student-athletes who have been deemed ineligible at the end of a quarter, but passed at least 5 one-credit classes, each of which counts toward graduation (OHSAA Eligibility Standard), will have the opportunity to regain eligibility after four weeks if they meet the following requirements: are currently earning a 2.00 quarterly GPA (weighted) and are earning passing grades (D- or better) in all their courses. A "WF" (withdrawal fail) may not be used to satisfy the foregoing requirements.


We highly encourage all parents and students to check academic progress on a regular basis by accessing our online eSIS Parent and Student Assist programs. If you need help accessing this program, please contact us for assistance. Beachwood High School and Middle School provide many services to help your child improve his/her grades. Contact your child's guidance counselor to discuss his/her academic progress and find out more about these supports.


There is an informational meeting on Thursday, March 22, 7 pm, in the BHS auditorium, for students, parents, and coaches to discuss the new Academic Eligibility Standards for participation in athletics. We encourage you to attend.




Ryan M. Peters, Director of Athletics

Robert P. Hardis, Principal, Beachwood High School

Linda LoGalbo, Principal, Beachwood Middle School

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