Three KMO Teams Ranked #1 in Ohio

Pictured above is the Grade 5 Team (1st Place in Ohio, ranked 24th nationally): Front row, from the left: Jing Jing Shen, Nam Nguyen, Jared Shapiro; Back row: Brandi Simpson, Yardena Carmi, Spencer Shroge, Joel Green, and Nathan Burke.

Beachwood’s 5th grade, 6th grade, and high school teams each placed first in the state in the recent Knowledge Master Open, and another 6th grade team finished third in the state.

These students competed in KMO’s recent computer-based, worldwide academic competition in which teams of students from thousands of schools nationwide earn points by answering multiple-choice questions in many subject areas quickly and accurately.

Fifth and sixth grade team advisors are Horizons teachers Maria Colombo DeLeonare and Kathy Kelly, and BHS co-advisors are John Kaminski and Don Majercak. The teams will compete again in the Spring.

Grade 5 Team (1st Place in Ohio, ranked #24 nationally):
Nathan Burke, Yardena Carmi, Joel Green, Nam Nguyen, Jared Shapiro, Jing Jing Shen, Spencer Shroge, and Brandi Simpson.

Grade 6 Team (1st Place in Ohio, ranked #55 nationally):
Max Alter, Chandler Bogomolny, Macky Davis, Spencer Hendlin, Darien Hersh, Tom Jones, Rachel Kurland, Esther Millas, Andrew Muliolis, Michael Pioro, Lily Steiger, Kyle Weisman, Bryce Westrick, Kevin Zhang, and Jinle Zhu.

Grade 6 Team: (3rd Place in Ohio, ranked #83 nationally):
Olivia Adelman, Lance Cohen, Ben Connor, Erica Gross, Raya Holz, Emily Jenks, Karishma Lachhwani, Dinah Medovoy, Daniel Mishins, Meghan Opre, Gaby Rodriguez, Morgan Tucker, Angela Wang, Jack Zhang.

BHS Team: (1st Place in Ohio, ranked #8 nationally):
Tigran Askaryan, Lizzie Bream, Susan Eiben, Yumi Matsuyama, Anshika Niraj, Jay Rajan, Ryan Reilly, Scott Remer, Duncan Rodriguez, Chenyu Zhang, Yuxi Zheng, Rachel Zimmerman, and James Starkman.

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