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Four girls on a playground
Two students walking into Beachwood High School

Nurturing Tomorrow's Leaders

Beachwood Schools, located just 20 miles from downtown Cleveland, educates 1,500 students across five schools. Driven by our mission to “develop intellectual entrepreneurs with a social conscience,” we've achieved three U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon Awards and an "Excellent" rating from the Ohio Department of Education and Workforce. Our students outperform state and national averages at every grade level. Discover the opportunities at Beachwood Schools through our guided tours available every Friday. We can't wait to welcome you!



Student-Centered Learning

With a 12:1 student-to-teacher ratio, Beachwood Schools offers a personalized educational experience for every student. Our curriculum includes a wide range of elective courses, Advanced Placement options, extracurriculars, and vocational programs tailored to students’ unique interests and goals. We partner with local universities and businesses to offer students real-world learning experiences and internships. Students have regular opportunities to engage in community service to develop their social skills, empathy, and self confidence. At Beachwood Schools, we create a supportive learning environment where every child can thrive.

Four middle school students work on a project with their teacher.


Kindergarten students sing a song in Chinese with their teacher.

First-Class Educators

At the heart of our district's success are our first-class educators. We prioritize hiring culturally competent, creatively pedagogical staff, and we are committed to fostering their ongoing professional development. With nearly 90% holding a master's degree or higher, our faculty brings an average of 20 years of teaching experience to the classroom. Our educators are trusted by the public as content and pedagogical experts. 


Family & Community Engagement

At Beachwood Schools, we believe that the active involvement of families and community members significantly enriches the educational experience of our students. Recognizing this, we place family and community engagement at the core of our mission. We offer an array of opportunities for families to connect with and contribute to their child's educational journey. From participating in affinity groups and support organizations to volunteering at school events, there is no shortage of ways for families to get involved. Together, we are committed to nurturing a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.

A mother volunteers at the district's Diwali celebration at Beachwood High School


A teacher gives an elementary student a high five

Ready to Join Our School Community?

Thank you for choosing Beachwood Schools! We are excited to welcome your family into our school community. Online registration is available for students in preschool through Grade 12. Our team is ready to assist you to ensure a smooth enrollment process.