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Beachwood City Schools

Friends of the Beachwood Orchestra

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Friends of the Beachwood Orchestra (FOBO) is a cooperative effort between parent volunteers and the Beachwood School District orchestra staff to help support all orchestra members in grades 4-12.

FOBO raises funds through annual memberships and fundraisers. These funds go directly to help the students.

FOBO has supported:
  • Equipment purchases (extra string instruments, music stands)
  • Orchestra trips
  • Clinicians and assistance at orchestra events
  • Scholarships for graduating seniors
  • Music camp scholarships at Hilltop Elementary, Beachwood Middle School and Beachwood High School
How can you help?
  • CLICK HERE to join F.O.B.O!
  • Volunteer to help during our fundraisers.
  • Come see us perform!