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Health Services

Mission & Vision

The Health Services program at Beachwood Schools advances the well-being, academic success, and life-long achievement of students through specialized school nursing. Our vision is to promote an optimal level of wellness, recognizing that a student's health directly impacts the quality of their education.

A Comprehensive Approach

Our comprehensive approach includes the ongoing appraisal of student health through assessments, evaluations, and screenings; the promotion of health through instruction, advocating for student health, and community education; and the protection of student health by enforcing immunizations, tracking communicable diseases, and promoting safety. This integrated strategy ensures that our students are not only healthy but also positioned for educational success.

Forms & Policies

Additional Resources

Contact US

Beachwood High School

Charlotte Grossman, RN 
(216) 831-2080, ext. 7109 

Beachwood Middle School and Bryden Elementary

Jen Zontini, RN
BMS: (216) 831-0355, ext. 6116
Bryden: (216) 831-3933, ext. 4133

Hilltop Elementary

Kelly Debeljak, RN
(216) 831-7144, ext. 5127