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Welcome to Fairmount Early Childhood Center

Click here for the OLR (Online Registration) 

This page is for parents who have ALREADY enrolled their child at Fairmount Early Childhood Center. This part of the registration process will only be approved if a signed contract and deposit are already on file. If you do not have a contract, please contact Karen Leeds, Preschool Director for information on availability at 216-464-2600ext. 2101 or [email protected].

Your child’s registration into preschool is the first milestone of your child’s education. We look forward to sharing this experience with you!

In an effort to facilitate the registration of students into our Preschool program, you will be using an online registration (OLR) process. Most of the information and documents that the school district requires for registration will be submitted to the Preschool Director through the link to this ORL program in Infinite Campus. As you enter the registration information into the OLR, you will be prompted to complete all required fields. In addition, you will have the option to upload many of the required documents directly into OLR or you may choose to drop off copies of the documents in the Fairmount Office. In either case, all required documents must be submitted prior to final registration and all forms need to be FULLY COMPLETED.

Please read through the directions and details outlined in this letter before beginning and do not hesitate to call the Preschool Director, Karen Leeds at 216-464-2600 ext. 2101, with questions.

Click here for the OLR (Online Registration)

When registering your child, you will need to produce the following documents:

1. Verification of Parent/Guardian

A picture identification is required for registration. Please upload or bring a copy of ONE of the following:

  • Current Driver’s License
  • State Issued Identification Card (Ohio ID cards are green if 21 years or older and red if under 21 and the heading has “OHIO Identification Card” with the image appearing on the right side)
  • Passport
  • Military Identification Card

2. Proof of Custody

If you are a single parent and have custody of your child, it is necessary to provide the court document that confirms proof of custody. These documents must be uploaded to the OLR or presented to the Preschool Director.

3. Health History Forms and Medication Forms

The School Entrance Medical Physical Examination Form and theImmunization Report Form MUST be completed by your child’s pediatrician. They necessitate obtaining a current physical examination and updating of required immunizations for your child. These forms are due by the first day of school. Under Ohio school regulations, we cannot accept your child unless this information is provided with the exception of newly transferred families to the United States, in which case you will be given a 14-day extension.

The Medication Administration Forms can be found on the top-right pane of this page. These prescription/non-prescription medication authorization forms are to be completed only if your child is to be administered medication during the school day. These forms do not need to be returned until the start of school with the appropriate medication.

4Special Needs Students

If your child is on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or is a student with special needs, please provide the school with these records and contact the Director of Pupil Services at 216-464-2600 x2215.

Click here for the OLR (Online Registration)