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Beachwood City Schools

Point Made Learning

Point Made Learning online course, Look Deeper: Race, is a guided learning experience that encourages participants to increase their intercultural awareness. The course provides an opportunity for people from different backgrounds to understand others by observing, reflecting, and discussing the experience of a diverse group of teens and their families as they grapple with issues around race.

Look Deeper: Race features:

  • Based on the documentary film I'm Not Racist...Am I?
  • Eight modules and two mini-module.
  • It uses clips from the documentary; I'm Not Racist...Am I.
  • Provides interactive lessons that can be completed alone or in small groups. 
  • Includes a facilitator's guide.

Point Made Learning also offers the board game, The American Dream Game. Both students and staff have used The American Dream Game to help build awareness, empathy, and understanding about how people experience bias around race, class, gender, religion, disability, and sexuality.