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Beachwood City Schools

Using the Pin Pad

<div class="blue">USING THE PIN PAD</div> <div class="line"></div>

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Directions for Students 
  • Select food items
  • Move along the line until you come to the PIN pad
  • Enter your six-digit PIN number
  • Check the LED window for accuracy. If an error was made, press the “C” key to delete the last digit entered: delete as many numbers as necessary, and reenter correct numbers
  • Press “ENTER”
  • Proceed in the line to the cashier who will access the students account by “Getting PIN”
Practicing with the Pin Pad
For parents and teachers: Click here to download a training aid that can be used to simulate the actual sequence of events as follows:
  • Enter the student’s correct pin number (from left to right) in the boxes at the bottom of the page.
  • Have students color the boxes at the bottom of the page (using a different color for each box with a number it in)
  • Then have students “enter” the number into the PIN pad by coloring the first digit of the number on the PIN pad (using the correct color).
  • Then have them write that number in the space provided in the LED readout window at the top of the PIN pad (be sure they use the correct color).
  • Repeat for each digit until the full number is entered.3.
  • For PIN numbers with repeat digits, you might try drawing as many diagonals as needed on the PIN pad number so that you can have two or three colors for a number.