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Beachwood City Schools

OHSAA Sectional Wrestling


Beachwood Athletic Department

Ryan M. Peters, Director of Athletics

February 1, 2022

To:         Wrestling Coaches & Athletic Directors

From:        Ryan M. Peters

Beachwood Division II Sectional Wrestling Tournament Manager

RE:        2022 Division II Sectional Wrestling Championships - Beachwood

The purpose of this letter is to provide you with all of the information that you need for the upcoming Division II Sectional Wrestling Tournament. This year the Division II Sectional Wrestling Tournament is going to be held at Beachwood High School - Beachwood High School (South Gym), 25100 Fairmount Blvd Beachwood, OH 44122 on Saturday, February 29, 2020 (One Day Only)


The following schools have been assigned to this years Sectional Tournament: 



7:15am     Scales Open for Weight Checks

8:00am     Weigh-Ins & Skin Checks - Wrestling Room. 

  • Coaches will not be permitted in the skin check/weigh in area. 

  • We will weigh in by weight class (106, 113, etc.) 

  • Any wrestler attempting to weigh in after their weight class and team has been called will be denied the opportunity to weigh in and will be scratched from the tournament. 

  • No wrestler will be allowed to exit the official weigh in area (for any reason) once his weight class begins the weigh-in process. 

  • If your team has a problem getting to weigh-ins at the designated start time it is the coach’s responsibility to call or text the tournament director at 216-374-6661 to inform them of the cause of the delay. Make sure to actually talk to the tournament director.

8:45am         Seeding Meeting - Coaches - Hospitality Room

9:00am         Doors will open for fans

10:00am     Session #1 Begins on three mats 

  • Championship first round and championship quarterfinals will be wrestled.

  • Wrestling will continue with the championship semifinals on two mats, and consolation wrestling on one mat (consolation second round and consolation quarterfinals). 

  • Consolation semifinals will begin after the completion of the previous round on all three mats. The projected end time is around 2:45 PM

  • The Parade of Champions will begin 45 minutes after the conclusion of the consolation semifinals on three mats. (1st, 3rd & 5th place)


All awards will be given upon the completion of the 285-pound weight class. The top six place winners in each weight class will be recognized on the podium. Wrestlers placing first through fourth qualify for the Division II Districts. 5th Place finishers will be designated as the Alternate


Sunday, February 13         You can begin entering your rosters

Thursday, February 24         7:00pm - We need your team registered. 

Register your team online by visiting If your registration is not entered by this date and time, your team will be precluded from registering. If you fail to meet the roster submittal deadline your school may be subject to a $150 fine.


Seeding for the Sectional will be based on the following criteria: 

  1. Returning state placer (1-3) at any weight class

  2. Returning state placer (4-8) at any weight class. A “New” (freshman or upperclassmen that was not a contender last year) wrestler that has more than 25 wins and has defeated a wrestler listed above him on the list and has a higher winning percentage will be seeded above the returning state place winner at any weight class (4-8). *The coach must e-mail the credentials to the manager.

  3. Returning district placer (1-6) at any weight class. A “New” (freshman or upperclassmen that was not a contender last year) wrestler that has more than 20 wins and has a higher winning percentage than the returning district place winner will be seeded above the returning district place winner at any weight class (1- 6).

  4. Tie-breakers:

    1. The higher placer at each level earns the higher seed. If two or more wrestlers have identical place finishes, the wrestler returning at the same

weight earns the higher seed.

  1. Previous year’s tournament place finish MUST have been at an OHSAA 


    c.     A returning placer can be from Division I, II, or III.

  1. Won/Loss record (by percentage) from current season (minimum of 12 


  1. In the event of a tie in percentage, the wrestler with the most wins will 

receive the higher seed.

If this does not break the tie, a coin-flip will determine the seed.


Masks must be worn in the facility at all times by fans, coaches, and athletes.  There are no exceptions.  Only athletes actively participating may remove their masks.


Upon arrival at Beachwood High School on Saturday, each team will be required to sign in using their Sectional Wrestling Pass List (attached to this letter). Only the names listed on the sectional wrestling pass list will be permitted to enter for free. Everyone else will have to purchase a ticket. All coaches listed on the pass list will be given a wrist band which will give them access to the floor and in the hospitality room.


The hospitality room will be located outside of the gym area. The Hospitality Room is for Coaches, Officials and tournament personnel only. 


All coaches must have valid and current ODE Pupil Activity Permits in order to coach at the OHSAA Sectional, District and State Tournaments.


The officials for the Sectional Championships have been assigned by the NEDAB. These are the officials assigned: Jarod Martin (Head), Ryan Legg, Edward Galaska, Dean Wikel & Bob Vallarelli


Pre Sales Tickets - $8.00. All Day Pass $10.00. There are no ticket sales at the gate. Per NEDAB regulations. See sheet attached. 


BUSES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PARK AT BEACHWOOD HIGH SCHOOL. Parking will be limited as a result of another event going on at the same time. All buses should park directly across the street from the Beachwood HS at Beachwood City Hall (located on Fairmount Blvd.)