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Beachwood City Schools

Monthly Cultural Recognition

Cultural Recognition

Beachwood Schools recognizes and honors the diversity of our community through monthly banner displays.

Our hope is that students, families, and staff will take great pride in these visible representations of diversity and be inspired to learn more about one another. We aim to motivate our students to pursue their goals and dreams. We encourage families to engage their children in discussions about various cultures, beliefs, and causes. Equally important, we hope that our students' curiosity will lead to learning, followed by understanding and appreciation for the contributions of all groups to our community, country, and world. The byproduct of knowledge is understanding and the better we understand each other, the greater our opportunity to unite as a community.

Please visit our school buildings to see banners displayed on the light posts.  


January - Jewish American Heritage
February - Black History
March - Women’s History
April - Arab American Heritage
May - Asian American Heritage
June/July - “Hometown Heroes” Public Servant Recognition w/City of Beachwood
August - Neurodiversity and Disability Awareness
September -Latin American Heritage
October - LGBTQ+ Pride
November - Native American Heritage
December - Multiracial Heritage