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Beachwood City Schools

Limited English

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Students whose primary or home language is other than English may need special language assistance in order to effectively participate in school instructional programs. All students who speak a language other than English at home must be tested for competence levels in English upon their initial enrollment in the schools. 
Our school district is aggressive in identifying students who are not native speakers of the English language and who need special assistance in order to meet the district’s and Ohio’s levels of proficiency. Our efforts include opportunities for parents to meet with your child’s Principal and teacher(s), information about how parents can be involved in their child’s education, and how parents can help their child attain English proficiency and succeed in the classroom. We work hard to provide information to parents in a format and language that they can understand; if we are not succeeding in this, we would ask you to contact us so that we may improve and provide you what you need.
In September of each school year, our school district will notify the parents of an LEP student of the reasons their child has been so identified, the child’s level of English proficiency and how it was assessed, the methods of instruction used in our and other programs, how our program will help your child, and when your child is expected to gain English proficiency.

English as Second Language (ESL) students receive direct instruction in the use of English language in pull-out ESL classes. Instruction is based on the special Ohio Standards for ESL curriculum and is taught during specific periods. This "immersion" approach is utilized to make academic information and concepts understandable. The ESL teacher adapts the material to each student's language level.

Proficiency levels are assessed annually to determine need across the areas of oral, reading and writing. Parents of LEP students who fail to make progress on annual achievement objectives shall be notified of the child’s failure within 30 days.
Our school district can also provide parents of LEP students information about Parent Information and Resource Centers that may help with additional training and support.