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Beachwood City Schools

Equity & Engagement Teams

Equity and Engagement Team Interest Form
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Equity & Engagement Team Goals

  • Increase two-way communication between the Board of Education, district administration, and stakeholders.
  • Strengthen relationships (build connections) between various affinity groups to gain understanding.
  • Create a district culture of inclusion.
  • Proactively identify barriers to inclusion.
  • Encourage the development of informal support groups in various district and building affinity groups.

Equity & Engagement Team Responsibilities

  • Building Equity & Engagement Teams will meet monthly to discuss equity topics in the district.
  • Building Equity & Engagement Team members will engage in an ongoing discussion of equity topics with their affinity groups.
  • Present equity topics and cultural barriers to inclusion for the aspects of diversity the member represents.
  • Representatives should always consider "win-win" solutions to issues.