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Beachwood City Schools


DiversityEDU Statement

Thank you for your commitment to helping Beachwood City Schools achieve its goal of being a place where everyone feels they belong.  Using the DiversityEDU online program and engaging with others about what you learn is an important step toward this goal.

We want to create an educational environment that is inclusive for all that enter.  It is not enough for our families to feel accepted in our community and school. Every member of our school system should feel heard and respected.   

Our goal is to build a school culture and climate where every stakeholder can confidently say, “I Belong.”  To achieve this, we feel it is important to develop a common language around the themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion among the members of our community.

DiversityEDU will help us all to develop the clear, direct, and respectful language so important to our work.  Thanks to each of you for your willingness to learn from DiversityEDU and more importantly, for your commitment to strengthening our community.