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Beachwood City Schools
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Dana Schultz

Bryden Elementary School
25501 Bryden Road
Beachwood, OH 44122
Phone: 216/831-3933
Fax: 216/292-2375

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Mrs. Schultz- FIRST GRADE

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What a great school year!  I have so much fun everyday with your children.  We are learning and laughing and having a lot of fun together! 
During Reader's Workshop we continue to learn all about our books, how to be a good independent reader, as well as how to be a good partner when reading with someone.  We have established an environment which allows the children to be responsible for their own books, and the types and levels of books they choose to read independently.  Although we will still be reading non-fiction, we will focus our Reading Workshop lessons mostly on fiction.  We will practice using our reading strategies each day.  We also practice concepts such as contractions, synonyms, antonyms, cause and effect, summarizing, retelling the story, etc. In math we continue to work in our new math program- EUREKA!  We are learning all about two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, (as well as telling time to the hour and the half hour).  We are also learning how to describe these shapes with words like vetex and vertices, parallel, intersect, etc.   We complete this math program while incorporating enriching and challenging math activities in the classroom.  We also work individually as well as in small groups. We get to work on ipads and our chrome books as well.  In social studies we will continue to always incorporate our families and how special and important they are to us.  We are also working on a Geography Unit. Some of the concepts we will learn about are parts of a map, a variety of map skills, directions, landforms, and areas in our community .  In science we are making hypotheses and observations in our unit on Living and Non-Living Things.
Please check your calendars so you can sign up for a FEATURED FRIDAY.   It is so much fun to have visitors and to have you all share your special celebrations and traditions with the class (and if Friday doesn't work, I am very flexible!!)!  
Also, don't forget to let me know when you would like to come in to read for your child's birthday.   ****ALSO FEEL FREE TO TALK WITH ME ABOUT READING TO OUR CLASS ANYTIME!!!***

***Remember to pack a healthy snack each day. A water bottle is also welcome in our classroom ("click closed" is best). Also remember that our classroom is a NUT FREE ENVIRONMENT.  (NO PEANUTS OR TREE NUTS, ETC).   Thank You!***

Please feel free to contact me anytime...