Counseling - 11th Grade

Beachwood High School
25100 Fairmount Boulevard
Beachwood, OH 44122
Phone: 216/831-2080
Fax: 216/292-4169
Junior Year To-Do
  • Focus on academics!
    • The most important things colleges consider for admission: GPA and academic rigor (how hard or easy were your choices of high school courses)
    • Your grades matter, and it's not too late to improve your GPA!
  • Get Involved!
    • Play a sport, join a club, take on a leadership role
    • Colleges want to see well-rounded students
    • Do something you love and are passionate about
  • Research Potential Colleges!
    • Register for College Visits to BHS on Naviance
    • Start College Searches online - Use the Naviance College tab and Super Match College Search; other college search engines
  • Prepare for the ACT or SAT!
    • All Juniors will take the PSAT Oct. 15, 2014
    • Free test prep resources available online on the testing agency website
    • Still need additional help?  Consider a tutor or test prep program. 
  • Complete Volunteer Hours for graduation!
    • 50 total hours required
    • Must be earned in two separate locations
    • Completing your hours this year means one less thing to worry about as a Senior

How to Create a College List


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