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Beachwood City Schools


<div class="blue">BOARD OF EDUCATION GOALS</div> <div class="line"></div>

  • To use a continuous improvement process in support of systems and programs that promote high standards of performance and high expectations for learning.
  • To develop a culture of accountability that relies on data, research, evaluation and assessment as tools to measure the effectiveness of programs and the satisfaction of stakeholders.
  • To continue to develop and support systems, programs, instructional standards and professional development to enhance students' knowledge, skills and performance in every curriculum area.
  • To maintain open and effective communication with the public, staff and students in order to be aware of attitudes, opinions and ideas.
  • To continue to integrate advanced technology into all phases of the educational and administrative processes.
  • To provide the necessary financial resources for the support of our instructional programs through prudent management and fiscal responsibility.
  • To ensure that students and staff have a safe and appropriate place to learn and work.