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Mission & Goals

Beachwood Athletic Department Mission Statement
“To create an environment focused on pride, unity, and victory where student athletes demonstrate a strong social conscience.”
The Beachwood Athletic Department considers athletics an integral part of education and believes that participation in sports develops and instills the qualities of pride, unity and victory; while developing the student athlete to live their life with strong social conscience. It is our goal to give our student athletes the tools and skills to achieve this mission. Being a part of a team not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but provides multiple opportunities for skill enhancement, competition, collaboration, and cooperation. We also believe that physical fitness, discipline and success can help promote academic success, and we expect that our athletes take pride in their performance in the classroom as well as on the field. While we strive to build competitive, winning teams, our primary mission is to promote the value of school spirit and fair play.

Beachwood City Schools, in conjunction with the Chagrin Valley Conference, expects all of its students, athletes, coaches, and spectators to behave in a sportsmanlike manner at all contests. The guidelines mandate that spectators must remain in designated areas, must not use obscene cheers or offensive actions, must not throw objects onto the playing surface and must not exhibit violent behavior or make threats of violence to others. Parents and students must understand that any violation of these guidelines may result in removal from the game, disciplinary consequences, and/or conceivably in an egregious circumstance, legal prosecution. Every member of the Beachwood community must treat opponents with respect; respect the judgment of officials; abide by the rules of the contest; display no behavior that could incite fans; cooperate with officials, coaches, and fellow participants to conduct a fair contest; and accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing Beachwood by behaving positively and appropriately at all times. Opposing teams and the supporters must be treated hospitably as our guests at Beachwood. Spectators should only cheer for their team and not against the opponent, and should not interact negatively with the other team or its fans. If provoked by opponents or their fans, members of the Beachwood community should walk away and communicate the problem in the most appropriate manner possible to the Athletics Director or Administrator on duty.

Athletic Department Goals
  • To use a continuous improvement process in support of systems and programs that promotes high standards of performance and high expectations for learning on and off the playing field.
  • To develop a culture of accountability that relies on data, research, evaluation, best practices and assessment as tools to measure the effectiveness and productivity of our programs and the satisfaction of our stakeholders.
  • To develop, encourage, and support the athletic department staff, their programs (grades K-12), improve instructional standards and professional development to enhance the student athletes knowledge, skills and performance levels in efforts to achieve a high level of success.
  • To promote and encourage Beachwood Pride, Unity, Victory and a Strong Social Conscience among our student athletes , staff and community members. To maintain open and effective communication with the public, the athletic department staff and students in order to be aware of attitudes, opinions and ideas. 
  • To continue to integrate best practices and advanced technique into all phases of the athletic educational process. 
  • To provide the necessary financial resources for the support of our instructional programs through prudent management and fiscal responsibility.
  • To ensure that students and staff have a safe and appropriate place to learn, work and play.
Athletic Department Philosophy
At Beachwood, participation in our athletic program is not only a fun and rewarding experience but also a privilege and a valuable educational experience. The impact of sports on an individual can have a monumental and lasting impact upon a student athlete, and with that in mind, students, faculty, and parents approach the game with the following high standards and moral values in mind: sportsmanship, hard work, leadership, individuality and community, learning with passion and rigor, tradition and innovation, and diversity. These ideals reflect the goals of the Beachwood Athletic Department and are applied specifically to the athletic teams and programs, as it serves as another arena in which students learn to improve themselves. Here, just as in the classroom, student athletes achieve one success after another.

The Beachwood City Schools Department of Athletics is committed to a broad based program of competitive excellence for all student-athletes. Administrators, coaches and staff are dedicated to supporting each student athlete's journey toward academic and athletic success. Recognizing this commitment, the department embraces an obligation to reaches the highest level of success. We strive for our student/athletes to conduct themselves in a manner of high moral character, academic distinction and acknowledged athletic proficiency. Influenced by our Beachwood values, student-athlete development is accomplished through quality coaching, adequate resources, and an environment that fosters personal growth.

Personal Growth and Development of Student-Athletes through Athletic Experience
  • Interact consistently and personally with students.
  • Provide competitive and learning environment which facilitates development of moral character, self-discipline and potential.
  • cademic Excellence
Academic Excellence
  • 100% Graduation Rates for all student athletes.
  • 100% Student Athletes to continue their academic career at a college or university
  • Encourage faculty and parental involvement in athletic endeavor.
  • Provide opportunity for recognizing academic achievement.
  • Enhance and promote academic success.
  • Recognize, direct, and support athletes with academic deficiencies.
Competitive Excellence
  • Chagrin Valley Conference Championships
  • District and State Qualifiers/Championships & Honors
  • Provide quality facilities, care and support for training and competition.
  • Create environment which places emphasis on good sportsmanship and respect for others.
  • Identify students who represent the department philosophy statement.
  • Develop short term and long term goals that help assist our student athletes in reaching their maximum potential. 
  • Follow through with consistent and efficient communication with prospects.
  • Project a positive image with clean, safe facilities, quality programs and services, and friendly assistance to all visitors of the Beachwood City Schools.
Service, Leadership and Community Involvement
  • Encourage and support leadership opportunities within the team environment, athletic department, and beyond.
  • Identify and facilitate community service experience(s) for every student-athlete on an annual basis.
  • Actively promote the Beachwood City Schools positively and professionally.