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Required Forms & Eligibility


All of the forms listed below must be completed prior to the first day of practice. Please make sure all forms are completed. 

Please register at: follow the prompts to create your account for your child(ren). FinalForms allows you to register your child(ren) for Bison Athletics (grades 7-12) and will give you the ability to register your child for one or more sport during the fall, winter and spring seasons. 

FinalForms will save your data from season-to-season and year-to-year, meaning that you will never need to enter the same information twice. It will remind you when your forms are expiring. We will also be using FinalForms as the Athletic Department’s main source of  communication between coaches, players and parents. You may review your child’s data at any time to verify it is current and FinalForms will give you access to your forms when needed. You will be required to sign your forms once per year and after any update. All forms are confidential. 

In order to get started click on this link - FinalForms Parent Playbook. If you require any support during the process, scroll to the page bottom and click “Use Support” or email support at [email protected] 

Forms will only be accepted via FinalForms and we will no longer accept paper copies of our OHSAA students physical examination forms.  

We encourage you to schedule your child’s physical examination with their physician as soon as possible. All forms must be submitted prior to the first day of practice in order for your child to be able to participate. As a reminder, physical exams are valid for 13 months from the date of examination. 


Please click here to log into Infinite Campus to access the Annual Update/Required Athletic Participation forms through the Parent Portal.  When you log into Infinite Campus, on the bottom left please click "More" and then click on "Annual Update" and follow the onscreen directions. You will need to complete all sections of the update (including all questions regarding athletics). This update is required to be completed annually. 
If you do not have an Infinite Campus User Name & Password contact: [email protected] High School) and [email protected] (Middle School).

In case you missed our Pre Season Parent, Athlete & Coach Meetings click here to see all of the topics that we reviewed.

All parents and students should read the Beachwood Student Parent Handbook before the start of each season so they are familiar with the school policies and procedures. 




In order to be eligible to participate in any interscholastic activity, students must meet the eligibility requirements established by the Ohio High School Athletic Association and Beachwood City Schools:

* Students must be currently enrolled in and earning passing grades (D- or better) in five (5) one-credit courses or the equivalent, each of which counts towards graduation.

In addition, the Beachwood City School District has established the following eligibility requirements, which students participating in interscholastic activities must meet:

* Have earned passing grades (D- or better) in all of his/her courses during the previous grading period;
* Have earned a 2.00 quarterly GPA (weighted) or higher during the previous grading period.

Eligibility to participate in interscholastic athletics and extracurricular activities will be reviewed at the end of each quarterly grading period. Students who have been deemed ineligible at the end of the quarter, but passed at least five (5) one-credit courses or the equivalent, each of which counts towards graduation, will be placed on academic probation for the duration of the grading period.

Students on academic probation will be ineligible to participate in interscholastic competitions for at least the first fourteen (14) calendar days of the quarterly grading period. Students on academic probation will have the opportunity to resume participating in interscholastic competitions after the first fourteen (14) calendar days of the quarterly grading period if they maintain the following aspects of the eligibility standard:

* Remain enrolled in at least five (5) one-credit courses or the equivalent, each of which counts towards graduation;
* Continue earning passing grades (D- or better) in all of their courses during the current quarterly grading period;
* Continue earning a 2.00 quarterly GPA (weighted) during the current grading period;
* Continue to meet any additional terms of academic probation as individually established by the principal.

Students on academic probation will have their grades and probationary status reviewed at an established weekly meeting. Students on academic probation may have their eligibility for participation in interscholastic competition revoked at any time during the quarter.