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Beachwood City Schools

Antisemitism Statement

Approved by the Beachwood Board of Education as Resolution #10-23-492 on October 23, 2023.

Beachwood Schools Statement of Conviction and Action Condemning Antisemitism

We are profoundly aware of the anxiety, pain, and outrage felt by many in our community due to horrific terrorist attacks on innocent people in Israel, and we extend our support to all who are suffering. 

Antisemitism has existed for millennia. We recognize that many in the Beachwood community feel deja vu whenever antisemitism surfaces. The resulting sadness and trauma can be difficult to put into words, but those feelings are coupled with resolve – a resolve to stand up and speak out against hatred of any kind.

The attacks on October 7th in Israel represent the most brutal and largest scale in many decades. It has undoubtedly felt destabilizing, in addition to devastating and terrifying. 

The Beachwood community is special because its members come together not only in moments of crisis but at all times in support of every person's right to live free from hate and harm. Many in Beachwood have family and friends in Israel, and this community’s embrace is deeply comforting for them. 

We are steadfast in supporting our students, staff, and families and in condemning antisemitism in all its forms. We condemn any attempts to blame all followers of Islam for the horrific acts of terrorism committed on October 7, 2023. We embrace our organizational responsibility to counter antisemitism, Islamophobia, and other forms of ignorance and hate and hold every Beachwood Schools employee responsible for doing so. We strive to ensure that all Beachwood students are seen, heard, and feel that they belong.

We urge all in the Beachwood community to continue supporting one another, to treat each other with care and respect, and to stand together against all forms of antisemitism, Islamophobia and intolerance. This is our commitment, and we ask that you join us in our efforts.