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Affinity Groups

Beachwood School Affinity Groups

Beachwood Schools encourages the gathering of informal and formal affinity groups. An affinity group brings together people with shared interests or goals to act collectively for a specific purpose. The purpose of these groups is to connect, support, and encourage groups who fit these criteria.  

Many informal affinity groups already exist in our district. We have found, however, that many community members are unaware of these groups and would appreciate the opportunity to connect with others who share common interests. In addition, when district administrators have met with these groups, we found the discussions to be lively, informative, and productive.  

Beachwood’s Board of Education and administration want to assist in the formation of affinity groups. We would like to meet regularly with these groups to gain a better understanding of how the District can support their goals.

Please use the sign-up information on this page to express your interest in either forming or joining an affinity group. After submitting the form, someone from the Department of Equity & Community Engagement will contact you with information about the next steps.

Affinity Groups Celebration

Affinity Group Interest Form
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