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Beachwood City Schools

Dec. 12, 2011: Happy Hookers

Kindergartners Visit with 'Happy Hookers'

Each December, the Beachwood Recreation Department hosts an intergenerational activity with Mrs. Rubenstein's Kindergarten class and "The Happy Hookers." The “Happy Hookers" meet at the Beachwood Recreation Center every Monday to knit and crochet hats, gloves, mittens, blankets and scarves from yarn that has been donated to them. They donate these items to area shelters at the beginning of the winter season.

The class prepares for the event by reading a beautiful story called “The Mitten Tree.” It is a story about a kind, elderly woman named Sarah who secretly knits mittens for needy children in her neighborhood (just like the "Hookers" do). Rather than giving them directly to the children, she hangs them on a tree near the children’s bus stop. When the children come out in the morning, they are delighted to find the new mittens.

The class collected skeins of yarn to donate to the knitting club as a way to help these wonderful ladies help others. Each student was responsible for “using helping hands at home” to earn money to buy two IDENTICAL skeins of yarn. In class they discussed a variety of things they could do such as setting or clearing the table, feeding a pet, making their bed, or simply being a good listener the first time a parent gives a direction.
The class visited the “Happy Hookers” on Dec. 12. Children were paired with a "Hooker" to work on winter projects provided. Each child was given a reusable bag to carry home projects as well as a new pair of mittens! As always, the students had a great time and learned a valuable lesson about how nice it can feel to help others.