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5th and 6th Graders Dominate in Math Competition other 5th and 6th graders were sleeping in four teams of 5th graders and 3 teams of 6th graders were wielding calculators & pencils at University School Saturday morning. Yes, they rose early to participate in the Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics 5th & 6th grade math contest. For two and a half hours, they completed team events which involved problem solving, mental math, applications and a construction activity.

In this contest, each student wins an award. Teams scoring in the top 20% receive a trophy, those scoring in the next 40% earn a Champion Award blue ribbon and the last 40% earn a Special Award red ribbon. This year there were a total of 13 sixth grade teams and 14 fifth grade teams from University School, Hathaway Brown, Laurel and Beachwood. Beachwood teams collected half of the trophies and the rest earned Champion Awards.

Students were coached by math teachers Nerissa Darvin, Laura Gibson, Amy Hazelton and Carole Katz.

Beachwood City Schools would like to congratulate all the participants for their outstanding efforts and thank the parents for transporting them on a Saturday morning. Special thanks to the coaches as well.

Here are the results:
Unknoqn (6th grade) - Trophy
Jamie Park
Grace Yan
Evelyn Zhang
Paul Zhao

Brainiacs (6th grade) - Trophy
Jack Baris
Amelie Cotta
Emma Henry
Greg Perryman

The Mathenators (6th grade) - Champion Award

Alexia Roush
John Shi
Manan Vij
Christian Wu

Golden Ratios (5th grade) - Trophy
Maya Eisengart
Max Rindsberg
Haya Shehaden
Lindsey Wang

> Yous (5th grade) – Champion Award
Aiden Diaz
Sriram Koneru
Adam Ritzenberg
Jonah Wolfe

American Einsteins (5th grade) - Champion Award
Braylen Eaton
Rebecca Harlan
Erijc Steckner
Erica Ward

Independent Variables (5th grade) - Champion Award
Amy Duan
Alice Jung
James O’Neill
Dhruv Seth