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Over the next several weeks in science we will study the Sun, Energy and Weather.

We will focus on the following concepts:

1. The Sun is a star.

2. A star is a ball of burning gas.

3. The Sun is the main source of energy for Earth.

4. The Sun provides Earth with energy in the forms of light and heat. (Radiation energy from the Sun is mentioned, but not tested).

5. Energy is anything that can create change.

6. Black colored items absorb the most heat energy from the sun.

7. White colored items absorb the least heat energy from the sun.

8. The sun heats Earth’s air, land and water.

9. Water exists in lakes, ponds, streams, wetlands, the ocean, glaciers, clouds, and through weather events.

10. Water appears in different states depending on the weather. (Solid—snow and hail, Liquid—rain)

11. When water freezes into a solid, its volume expands. (From our Matter unit, students should know that volume represents how much space something occupies.)

12. When ice or snow melts, its volume decreases.

We will conduct hands-on experiments in science lab to illustrate many of the key concepts. Your child’s classroom teacher will reinforce concepts with activities, books, movies, and classroom discussions.

How can you help your child at home?

1. When we learn new vocabulary terms in science lab, we learn a hand gesture that reminds us of the definition. When you review with your child at home, you can ask him or her to show you the hand gestures while explaining the vocabulary terms.

2. Make connections when opportunities and teachable moments arise. (For example, if it snows, take a cup of snow inside and let it melt. Compare the volume before and after melting. Notice how objects in direct sunlight are warmer than ones that are not.)

3. Check out books, or search the internet with your child about the sun, energy and weather.

4. Quiz your child (or have your child quiz you) with questions generated from concepts in the unit.

We visit several websites during our classroom lessons and discussions. Your child may want to revisit them at home.

Water expands as it freezes:

The Sun provides Earth with light and heat:

Water can be observed in oceans, lakes, rivers, streams and through weather events:

Please feel free to contact your child’s classroom teacher or me if you have any questions.

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