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Our next unit in science is Living Things.

We will study the following key concepts over the next several weeks.

1. Living things have basic needs. Nonliving things do not have needs.

2. If a living thing’s needs are not met, the organism will not survive.

3. Plants have basic needs. They are sun, soil, water, air, and space.

4. Animals have basic needs. They are air, water, shelter, space, food and the right temperature.

5. A habitat is a living thing’s home. A suitable habitat must have everything the organism needs to survive.

6. Ohio has 4 main habitats:

1. Wetlands

2. Forests

3. Grasslands

4. Ponds and lakes

7. An environment is all the living and nonliving things surrounding an organism.

8. Resources are living and nonliving things in an organism’s environment that it uses to survive.

9. During periods when their basic needs are unmet, some animals migrate, hibernate, or adapt.

10. Animals migrate when they move to another environment to satisfy one or more of their needs (usually food or temperature).

11. Animals hibernate when they “sleep” during the winter.

12. Adaptations are body parts or behaviors that help an organism survive in its habitat.

13. Plants get their energy from the sun.

14. Animals get their energy from eating plants or other animals.

We will conduct several experiments to demonstrate key concepts.

At home, you can reinforce the concepts we will learn in our Living Things Unit in the following ways.

1. Borrow books on one of the topics from the children’s section of the library, and read them with your child.

2. Find “teachable” moments at home to reinforce key concepts. (i.e. When you feed your family pet, ask your child how its basic needs are being met.)

3. Instead of asking your child to tell you what he or she learned in science this week, ask your child to teach you what he or she learned.

Your child may also want to visit some of the websites that we explore in class:

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