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We will study the following key concepts in our Force and Motion unit over the next several weeks:

1. A Force can either be a push or a pull.

2. A Pull moves the object towards the force.

3. A Push moves the object away from the force.

4. Forces are needed to make an object move, speed up, slow down or change direction.

5. Position is the location of an object. We use words such as by, beside, on top of, below, and next to in order to describe the position of an object.

6. We know an object is in Motion if its position is changing.

7. Objects can move in a variety of ways: straight, circular, zig-zag, fast, and/or slow.

8. Speed is how fast an object moves.

9. Gravity is the force that pulls objects down towards Earth.

10. Magnets produce forces.

11. Magnetic items are attracted to magnets.

12. Nonmagnetic items are not attracted to magnets.

13. Magnets can push or pull other magnets depending on how they are oriented.

We will conduct several experiments to demonstrate t key concepts.

At home, you can reinforce the concepts we will learn in our Force and Motion unit in the following ways.

1. Borrow Force and Motion books from the children’s section of the library, and read them with your child.

2. Find “teachable” moments at home to reinforce key concepts. (i.e. When you throw a ball, is that a push or a pull?)

3. Instead of asking your child to tell you what he or she learned in science this week, ask your child to teach you what he or she learned.

Your child may also want to visit some of the websites that we explore in class:

Video of the song, “Motion is a change in position”

Forces and gravity

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